Avita Laptop | Avita Pura Ryzen 5 Review

Hello friends, I’m Ajay and I would like to talk about AVITA PURA 5 laptop which I purchased at the Diwali festival sale with a huge discount from Flipkart. I got this laptop for only 27k (27000) rs. It is my true review and I will show the receipt of purchase of this avita laptop as a prove and I loved it. Although, it has some pros and cons so will discuss in further


Avita laptop is HONG KONG base brand Avita had launched so many laptops in India or all over the world. It is the most interesting laptop for video editing or gaming  and also for study purposes because Avita pura ryzen 5 comes with ryzen 5 quad-core processor. Furthermore, the avita laptop wants to sell these laptops in India at a cheap price so it is available on Flipkart. The price of this laptop is very cheap which makes this avita laptop interesting.


Avita pura ryzen 5 

Avita pura ryzen 5 gives unbelievable specs under 30k. Moreover, if you want similar specs laptop in different brand no other brand in the market which offering ryzen 5 below 35k (35000) with comes with 512 GB SATA SSD which gives us high-speed performance and  it open only 3 seconds because it’s SATA SSD  which is very fast rather than hard disk


  • Screen– 14 inch Full HD LED display
  • Processor– Ryzen 5 3500U Quad-Core   (you can play high and game in medium setting)
  • RAM– 8 GB not expandable
  • Storage– 512GB SSD SATA       ( I think it is enough for everyone)
  • Build– Full plastic body and plastic hinge
  • Backlit Keyboard– No
  • Fingerprint– No
  • WebCam– VGA
  • Windows 10 S edition which is very safe o student or businessman
  • Disk drive– No
  • Type C charging– No
  • Ports– USB TYPE A 2.0, USB TYPE A 3.0, USB TYPE C – 1, HDMI, SD CARD slot
  • Expandable ram – no
  • M.2 slot – no
  • Other features– Bluetooth, wifi etc.

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Avita Ryzen 5 is different  in terms of specs, is providing us much more than other brands of laptops it is impossible 

to provide this kind of specs and I am really happy with this laptop and its performance Furthermore, it comes with ryzen 5 processor and 8GB ram  

Avita Laptop Avita Pura Ryzen 5 Review
Avita Laptop Avita Pura Ryzen 5 Review

I already have my own pc but I want one laptop for my blogging and gaming purposes. That’s why I was searching for so many laptops in the local market but all shopkeepers provide me with intel but I had intel core i3. so, I planned to purchase an AMD Ryzen 5. then, I was searching on an online marketplace. Such as amazon Paytm, Flipkart, and refurbished platforms.

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Well, the internal spec is great but the build quality is compromised. It is fully made of plastic on every part of this laptop but I recommended that you can purchase this laptop because plastic is good and I’m fully satisfied with the build quality. But also, you can get metes body under 30k but it will compromise with specs. Generally, individuals wants only the highest  specs on their laptop


Please remember that it comes with internal hardware so if  you have less budget and you want to upgrade in future it will not possible for that so check your requirement and purchase it has more model such as, i3 and ryzen 3 with  256 SSD and i5 and ryzen 5 with 512 SSD so check first than purchase

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Avita brand claim that battery will up to 10 hours but you never get 3 hours in normal usage .that why, avita pura 5 not comes with a full charge and takes 3hour to full charge .secondly, it does not support type C charge and you can not charge with type C charge because it is nit support type C


It comes with a full IPS display which can help for students or video editing or watching movies and seriously I watched many movies on it. But, other brands will not provide you with an IPS display below 45K. the screen is very sharp and bright if you want bezel-less display you can go with AVITA LIBER V14  which comes with the same specs, and, you can work in sunlight without and difficulty Avita pura 5 or avita liber v14

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 Although it’s come RYZEN 5 it has heating and you can never mind that .but, only that time when you play games otherwise I get normal heating or some individual say that it makes lot of fan noise but it is not really normal fan noise but some people don’t want minor noise so you can change your plan and go other brand but other brands will high price



 You will get windows 10 s mode which very safe and reliable for those people those do not want to take risk but you can get out to windows 10s to windows 10 normal and use third party application on it. And generally, I  prefer to use windows 10 because it makes easy our laptop .thus, it comes genuine window which will not crash I future. so, without tension, you can use it


The laptop comes with 1.5 years warranty plus you will get another 6 months warranty. when you will registering on Avita’s official website. So, you will get a total warranty of 2 years.I believe  . that is why, I purchased it and also register on the official web in Avita pura 5 .  Avita’s has an after-sale service you can get easily Avita’s service center across India. The service center is less in India and I hope that will make the best service in future.  

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AVITA RYZEN 5 is one of the best laptop below and under 30K and I will also recommend for that because it come power full processor and 512 GB SSD and 8 GB  ram. No other brand could give this at this price point. The only comprise done in the build quality which is really bad. Sound quality and battery are decent considering the price. 


Avita is a new brand in India and launch a laptop at a great price



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