Best 3 Bitcoin Mining Websites In 2021 & 2022

Beat Hello friend’s today I would like to talk about the top 5 websites for Bitcoin mining in 2021 because most people are want to make online money so I will provide the whole information regarding because bitcoin mining is the best way to make online money without doing any hard work so my  friend in this article I will cover all top 5 free cryptocuruncy mining sites in 2021 with all feature and New trends so let’s start

About bitcoin 

 bitcoin is a cryptocurrency or we can say bitcoin is a digital currency, bitcoin is not running by any authorities or organization but other words we can say the bitcoin is an illegal currency because is has not any authority but on the other hand that, can be sent from user to user for fulfilling the transactions

1 Crypto Tab Browser

What is CryptoTab Browser | how its works

Crypto tab is the first bitcoin mining browser in the world and the happiest thing is that it runs on (Windows & Mac) or smartphones (Android & iPhone/iPad.CryptoTab Browser is made real and fast browser which helps people enjoy as well make money without doing any hard work. CryptoTab Browser has a community of more than 20 million users all over the world already enjoying CryptoTab Browser. 

Crypto tab browser is a separate browser if you think that you will mine bitcoin on your google chrome or Microsoft browser so you are wrong crypto tab browser allows mining bitcoin with its basic to high plan.

Crypto tab browser is free of cost for those persons who have their own pc or laptop that means you should have windows for mining bitcoin as a  free of cost

 Crypto tab browser comes with defaults bitcoin cloud mining speed which is like normal if you think i want to make more bitcoin so you can upgrade its plan which is not expensive and earn more.

5 Reasons to use CryptoTab Browser

Friends crypto tab browser provide many of features for their users to enjoy browsing on their mobiles phones and desktop and in this titled paragraph i will explain its 5 reasons to use CryptoTab Browser and mine bitcoin without any hustle

  • Earn while surfing the web

The crypto tab browser is the world first browser that provides mining services while surfing the web it can be youtube, Instagram, Facebook, and normal web surfing 

The second one in if any individual want to mine bitcoin without browsing any social media and without surfing the web so crypto tab browser has the best feature, that is you will need to open only crypto tab browser and start mining without sitting in front of your desktop or mobile phones

  • The fastest built-in mining algorithm

The crypto tab browser is the world’s fasted browser in the world without losing speed or performance of the device 

Crypto tab browser algorithm is based on cloud mining, it does not depend on your hardware. Crypto tab company or crypto tab browser have its own hardware which is used for mining through their costumes (users) 

If you want to mine bitcoin from your desktop that time to your hardware will put

  • Switch to the new crypto tab browser in a click

Crypto tab browser comes with most useful features which help to  import chrome  data like in just a couple of  clicks there is not required import your  chrome data step by step likewise your browser history and chrome extension and bookmarks 

Crypto tab browser allows import your chrome data into crypto tab browser in just less than one minute 

  • Enjoy all of your favorite Chrome extensions

Enjoy your all favorite chrome extensions on crypto tab browser is like just you are using a chrome browser because all features are similar as chrome browser however it helps to mine bitcoin and  Control mining on all of your devices from any one of them.

  • Use CryptoTab on all of your devices

The best thing is that of crypto tab browser  Bitcoin on your smartphones and  tablet with the mobile application  CryptoTab Browser Lite and  the special PRO version with a set of extra features

How to mine Bitcoin with CryptoTab on Windows and Mac OS

  1. Download the CryptoTab browser installation file from the official website.
  2. Install it. Run the setup file, complete, and confirm the installation.
  3. Start the CryptoTab browser. You can select it as the default browser and add a shortcut in your taskbar for easier to use
  4. Set up the account. Open the crypto tab browser  Settings in the drop-down menu of the right side. You can use your Google account to log in. it will help you to make sure no data will be lost if you reinstall the browser or log in by using other devices.
  5. Activate mining. Open the CryptoTab browser, then  click the CryptoTab icon on the right upper side corner and turn the mining mode On, adjust your mining speed



  • Free of cost 
  • instant payment
  • Supports Android & iOS
  • Supports Windows & Mac OS


  • less earning
  •  It May affect device performance

FAQ’S of  Crypto tab 

  • Are there any problems when we are using the crypto tab Lite browser on mobile?

No there is nothing no problem to use the crypto tab Lite browse on any phone but if you have not pc or windows device so you will need to spend money on purchasing a crypto tab browser from the official  store because if you will try to use cracked apk then it will not run 

  • How much do we make with a 15x boost in crypto tab pro?

Crypto tab browser runs with its minimum speed which is 1500Ghz per second if you want to upgrade 15x Ghzboost on the crypto tab browser for crypto mining you can assume that it will make 22,500Ghz per second and 1,350,000Ghz in a minute or 81,000,000Ghz in one hour 


Download Crypto Tab For Bitcoin Mining


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2 SHAMINING | Cloud Mining Platform

Shamining is the online  mining platform, shamining provide cold hardware to their costumes and shamining hardware is very powerful in mining industries

Shamining is a cloud mining service provider where they provide their hardcore hardware for rent to their customers. So here customers need to money invest in its hardware as security where they will use its hardware for mining Bitcoin ethereum or more cryptocurrency it is a fully paid platform for mining purposes hair you will need a minimum of 150 dollars to invest for mining Bitcoin this is very basic.

Individuals can make money by mining Bitcoin without using their own desktop hardware are graphics card

Shamining Features

1 Easy to use shamining

Shamining is very easy to use for a beginner who want to mine Bitcoin without using their own hardware

2 Shamining Personal Costumers support

Shamining provide personal customer support for their new (beginners) customer for their queries and starting in  mining industry

3 Shamining one-day payment 

Shamining is the best company for its payment because of Shamining wants to provide its better to better service for its customers. that’s why the company claim a 24 hour withdrawal money time period but you will receive payment less than a 24 hour


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Review of  Shamining

Igor Fomin

A real treasure for earning, I was immediately interested in this company, since its office is located in London, and this already means that specialists are working, I began to layout small amounts for verification, everything worked well, so I began to increase my investments, very quick withdrawal of funds, a question arose I did not understand the tabs a bit and the technical support explained everything correctly, concluding that I was satisfied with the company and will continue to work with it, make your choice yourself.

Tomi Croose

Before investing money, I studied the information about the company in great detail. The presence of a certificate of the company, the head office in London, all this guaranteed its work. I invested the minimum amount for a start, time passed and now I made my first conclusion. Fast payments, money came to the Mastercard card within a day.

Maks Molodov

I would like to share my 🤔 about this company. They made my old dream come true – I bought myself a MacBook. This is a reliable company that allows you to make money on investments. A huge plus of the fact that there are fast payouts. Therefore, I advise everyone!

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What is Ecos bitcoin mining | how it works?

ECOS Defi Platform is to provide the user with simple, safe, reliable and effective tools for digital assets’ management and to develop its ecosystem around the world

Ecos is a  mining tool or website and here you can mine Bitcoin with help of its hardware.

This is a cloud mining website and Ecos has its own tool which has a super feature for Bitcoin miner 

Ecos crypto mining website helps their customers to learn about how to mine Bitcoin in 2021 or in 2022. Moreover, Ecos providers mining package you can select one package and work for them then you can make money very easily 

Ecos feature 

1 Risk-free

Ecos platform app free for beginners Bitcoin miners 

2 Calling support

Ecos provide very excellent calling support for their miners do have their theory about accounts their account details and updations details

3 Bitcoin mining and investing

Ecos is one of the largest platforms for bitcoin mining and investing. as well as Ecos provide their customer very cheap investment plans for starter and beginner 

Ecos review

Matthew Sutton

I definitely love Ecos so easy to use.. excellent support, don’t hesitate I actually made a withdrawal today Boom! 👍

Joseph Washburn

I’ve been working with ECOS for a number of months now and I’m completely satisfied with the high level of customer service and quick turnaround on my requests. Good people, good business model. Happy to have invested with them!

Alan Beam

They are legit. I just received my second withdrawal! They always get back to you as well.

Jesse Ramirez

This is the very first company which I was able to purchase a mining contract. I have been with them for over a year and I’ve tried about 22 different sites, this is by far the most reliable and consistent.

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