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Best Hello Reader, Today we are going to tell you HostGator and also provide you the best buy link of best  shared hosting.

What is Hosting?

If you search on Google you will get so many answers but let me tell you in a simple word,

Hosting is a kind of Storage where you can host your domain and store your data as a private or public.

Types of Hosting

There are 3 Types of Hosting available for host your blog or website.


Here we are going to talk about Best Shared Hosting Website.

What is Shared Hosting?

Before talking about Best Website for Shared Hosting let me tell you what is Shared Hosting ( Shared Hosting kya hai? )

Shared Hosting is a web hosting where so many website connect or hosted on a single hosting.

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Best Shared Hosting Website in India?

In a queue of Best Shared Hosting in India there are lots of website but today we will tell you only Top 3 Shared Hosting Website in India.

Here are the Best Shared Hosting for WordPress. And count start from end.

Best Shared Hosting | hostinger | HostGator
Best Shared Hosting | hostinger | HostGator

#3 HostGator

HostGator is the one of the Best hosting provider in India and also you can manage your domain from here. HostGator is easy to use. It provides One click WordPress installation features which makes easy to launch your Website in a less time.

It is one of the Best Hosting Website in India with lots of Themes and Plugins which makes easy to make your website. It provides powerful hosting with light speed server. And HostGator comes with single website hosting plan to unlimited hosting plan.

Features of HostGator?

Free SSL Certificate

HostGator provide us Free SSL Certificate which makes our website or blog more secure.

Free Migration

If you have hosted your website on another hosting plateform then you can simply migrate your Website to HostGator in a simple steps.

.net Domain

HostGator Provide free .net Domain and you can use it to make your website beautiful.

Free cPannel

HostGator provides free cPannel for managing your website.

Refund Policy

HostGator provides you 45 days refund policy so if you are not setisfied with its hosting plan you can get you money back.

Customer Support

They provide 24*7 Customer Support.

99.99% Uptime

HostGator Claim that they provide 99.99% uptime. It means your Website is not going to down.

Downtime Alerts

It is a best thing of hosting which send a mail and inform about downtime Alerts.

Link:- HostGator Hosting

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#2 Hostinger

Hostinger is one of the Best another Hosting Providers. It provides one click VPS Installation. It’s mean it is easy to use and offer instant setup.

It is offer 79rs per month Hosting for a single website


Separate/Optimize WordPress Hosting

If you want to setup your Website or Blog on wordpress then hostinger is best hosting for your website in India or even another country. Because it offer saprate hosting for WordPress.

Customer Support

Hostinger offer 24*7 Customer Support across all over world.

Refund Policy

It provides 30 days money back guarantee so if you think it is not good for your Website so you can get money back.

Down Time Alert

Hostinger has a separate page it. It provides down time alert and when it is resolved they also update it.


Hostinger claims that they offer 99.99% uptime

Free SSL

Hostinger Offer Free SSL Certificate with basic to Premium Hosting Plan.

Free Domain

If you are buying Hosting Hosting more then one year it provides you 1 free domain.


It has inbuilt cloudflare setup so you don’t need to setup manual.


Hostinger has Owen coustom Hpannel which is user friendly and easy to use.

Click Here :- hosting hosting

Best Shared Hosting | hostinger | HostGator

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