Latest GeneratePress Theme Review – Is This Theme Worth The Money in 2022?

GeneratePress Theme: GeneratePress is one of the most popular wordpress theme which I have ever seen, and maybe you are using or wanna start using.

GeneratePress Theme has one of the highest rating in WordPress Repository with 1304 out of 1340 reviews giving it a 5-star rating and it has 4,183,155+ download with 1500 everyday downloads.

So maybe you have a question/query, What are we going to tell you about the theme?

In this article, we are going to give you deep information which helps you to decide, Is GeneratePress Theme Worth the money in 2022? Is it right for your blog/business?

As you can see I am also using GeneratePress Theme, so I am going to give you my honest, unbiased, and truthful GeneratePress review so that you can easily decide “Is it right for your website”, so let’s get started.

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GeneratePress Theme Review

GeneratePress Theme Developers to focus on excellence performance, clean UI, which makes this theme World smallest WordPress Theme size 7.5kb. It is incredibly fast load wordpress theme.

NameGeneratePress Premium
Size1 mb
VersionGeneratePress 3.1.3
Active Installations400,000+
WordPress Version5.2 or higher
PHP Version5.6 or higher
Rating4.9 star

What is GeneratePress Theme?

GeneratePress is one of the Popular & Light Weight WordPress Theme. It is multipurpose theme that can be used to create many kinds of Blogs/Websites such as Tech Blog, News Website, Results Website etc.

GeneratePress Theme Launched on July 14, 2016 and now it is most stable, feature-rich, fast and best-supported WordPress theme available in today’s market.

What is GP Premium?

GeneratePress Theme is available to use in two flavors: free and premium. You will get Extra/Additional features, and to use these features you need to purchase Premium GeneratePress Pluging and its name is GP Premium.

You need to install GP Premium Plugin to use additional premium modules.

GeneratePress Very Cheap Price

Now Click on below link to purchase GeneratePress at a very cheap Price.
It is available with Key (*No GPL)

Is GeneratePress Support Page Builders?

GeneratePress offers you the best customization options to customize your WordPress website. It also supports all Popular Theme Builders such as Elementor, Beaver Builder and DIvi.

You can Customize your blog according to your interest with the help of Elementor, Beaver Builder and Divi Page Builder. It is one of the best features of this theme, if you are a blogger or want to start your career in blogging then you need to know about coding.

But with the help of Page Builder, there is no requirement of professional coding information. You just need to drag & drop and make your blog unique.

Performance: GeneratePress

GeneratePress is one of the most lightweight and fastest themes in the market. The size of theme is less than 10kb, which makes it one of the fastest wordpress theme.

We have performed several wordpress themes on Pagespeed Insights to compare the speed of different-different popular themes.

It will help you identify the fastest wordpress theme. All the tests are done on Page Insights.


Here is the Speed Test Result of GeneratePress, Page Performance is 91% and it is the best page speed results for any blog. We have also compared it with different-different themes.

GeneratePress Speed Test Results
GeneratePress Speed Test Results

GeneratePress Speed Test Results

First Contentful Paint 0.7s
Time to Interactive0.7s
Total Blocking Time0 ms
Speed Index1.4s
Largest Contentful Paint0.8s
Cumulative Layout Shift0.004
GeneratePress Speed Test Results

GeneratePress vs Astra

Here is the speed test result of Astra, Page Performance score is only 39% accordingto PageSpeed Insights. You can also compare all the data from table.

GeneratePress vs Astra
Astra Speed Test Results

Astra Speed Test Results

First Contentful Paint 2.8s
Time to Interactive11.1s
Total Blocking Time1260 ms
Speed Index4.5s
Largest Contentful Paint6.0s
Cumulative Layout Shift0
Astra Speed Test Results

GeneratePress Vs OceanWP

Here is the speed test result of OceanWP, Page Performance score is only 23% accordingto PageSpeed Insights. You can also compare all the data from table.

GeneratePress Vs OceanWP
OceanWP Speed Test Results

OceanWP Speed Test Results

First Contentful Paint 3.2s
Time to Interactive17.9s
Total Blocking Time2150 ms
Speed Index8.0s
Largest Contentful Paint7.2s
Cumulative Layout Shift0.092
OceanWP Speed Test Results

GeneratePress Vs Hestia

Here is the speed test result of Hestia, Page Performance score is only 54% accordingto PageSpeed Insights. You can also compare all the data from table.

GeneratePress Vs Hestia
Hestia Speed Test Results

Hestia Speed Test Results

First Contentful Paint 1.9s
Time to Interactive23.7s
Total Blocking Time1280 ms
Speed Index12.3s
Largest Contentful Paint2.0s
Cumulative Layout Shift0.055
Hestia Speed Test Results

Features: GeneratePress Theme

We have already told you that it supports every popular theme builder plugin, and we have compared Theme Speed with another Popular Theme. Let’s start with some of the other GP Theme Features.


GeneratePress Premium Theme

Purchase GeneratePress Premium with the key to boost your blogging career.
4,188,609+ People Used
On-Going Offer


GeneratePress Premium Theme has lots of features, but here we are going to start with Customize Feature.

GeneratePress Customization is integrated with WordPress Customize with lots of Advanced Features. We will talk about it one by one.

gp customizer


GeneratePress has inbuilt WooCommerce feature that helps you customise or change how your shop, product, and checkout pages look and behave

GeneratePress WooCommerce


In this theme you will get more then 60+ color option and you can add more with color code.

You can access all the colors by clicking “Color” option, and customise all the part of website such as Text, Background, Header etc.

gp color options 1


You will get Typography to customise Text just like color. Here you will get the option to change header, body, widget, sidebar, menu, and most other elements Text.

You can change font style by clicking Typography option.

GeneratePress Typography

Layout Control

Here you will get Layout Control option to customise your Layout, you can customise separate from Post (Single Page) and archive (Blog).

You can click on Layout option to customise Layout of your site.

layout controls

Premium Modules

GeneratePress Premium Theme comes with lots of premium modules after activating GP Premium Plugin. GeneratePress 3.1.3 Themes comes with many premium modules and there names are:

  • Backgrounds
  • Blog
  • Copyright
  • Disable Elements
  • Elements
  • Menu Plus
  • Secondary Nav
  • Site Library
  • Spacing
  • WooCommerce
GeneratePress Premium Modules
GeneratePress Premium Modules

Why Do People Love GeneratePress Theme?

Now maybe you are a doubt or question, why do people love to use generatepress theme for their blog? here is the answer.

As we told you already, it is one of the best Light Weight WordPress Theme, and also shows you the speed of this theme and it is better then another theme.

But the most important reason is the Site Library and Page Builder Support features.

Site Library

GeneratePress has a site library option which allows you to one click the installation of any demo website.

GeneratePress has 70+ ready to use one click download site, which makes your blog more attractive and unique.

GeneratePress Site Library
GeneratePress Site Library

GeneratePress has one click download blog theme aprrox for every category and some of the popular names are:

  • Marketer
  • Search
  • Freelance
  • Dev
  • Shop
  • Health
  • Construction
  • Crypto
  • Donate
  • myPet
  • Clinic
  • App
  • Landing etc….

PageBuilder One Click Theme

GeneratePress supports approx every pagebuilder and there are lots of popular Readymade Designs available on, and also we make some of the designs for you.

Note: All the Readymade Design which is available on Theme9, you have to buy it. However, on our blog we have provided lots of alternative designs for free of cost and all are ready to use.

Theme9 Readymade Designs (Web Insights) team design so many ready to use templates or readymade designs and all the details mentioned below with their purchase link.

Shayari & Quotes SEO Friendly Website Design With Amazing Look & Feel

This is specially made for the Shayari and Quotes website, so if you are looking to start Shayari website then this is for you. This Readymade Themplate use:

Theme UsedGeneratePress Premium
Plugins UsedElementor Pro, WP Rocket
Last updateJune 28, 2022
PriceRs 24999 Rs. 5699

GeneratePress Theme Customization For Instant AdSense Approval

This is specially made for the Instant AdSense Approval, so if you are looking to get Instant AdSense Approval then this is for you. This Readymade Themplate use:

Theme UsedGeneratePress Premium
Plugins UsedWP Rocket, Rankmath Pro
Last updateJune 28, 2022
PriceRs 12500 Rs. 3499

All the Readymate Design Names are Given Below and you can also click on the purchase button to puchase Theme9 Readymade Theme.

  • Affiliate Marketing SEO Friendly Design Setup For Better Conversion
  • Generatepress Theme Customization With Better Look & Feel
  • Job / Result Posting Website Better Than Sarkari Result With Great Look & Feel
  • News Portal SEO Friendly Website Design For Better Speed & Ranking
  • Ecommerce Website For Selling Digital Art, Painting & Sketching Online

How to Buy GeneratePress Theme?

You can buy GeneratePress from their official site but it is too costly, so here we are going to tell you how you will buy GeneratePress Premium with Key (Original) at a very cheap price.

You simply need to click on GeneratePress Premium Buy Link button

You will be redirect to, you can simply purchase it for 1 year in 449 Rs.

Also you can buy for Lifetime for Rs 849 by clicking below Purchase Link:

Also, we are going to give you back 100 RS on purchasing for 1 year and 200 RS on Purchasing for Lifetime.

For that you need to follow below step:

You have to Purchase by provided affilite link.

Now you need to submit below form,

You need to enter your Name, Website Url, Invoice Photo (Image Link of Google Drive or any other platform where you have uploaded), Email ID, Upi ID, Mobile No.(It is Optional)

All the Given details will be verified and you will get update regading refund on your emai id and Mobile No (If you have Provided).


    I hope you have decided GeneratePress Theme is good for your blog or not? and is it worth it to buy?

    We are higjly recommending GeneratePress and we strongly believe that GeneratePress is well worth the money.

    Please leave a useful comment with your thoughts, and share it with your friends who want to start blogging or who are looking to download the best theme for their website.

    Thanks for reading and giving your precious time on this blog.

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