How To Make Money Online In India

 every person know that we are living in covid 19 pandemic ( lockdown) in our home and believe me in my home only me working online and earn little bit money on online but other member ask me how to make money online in india  because they do not have job but today i would talk about top 5 way where you can earn money online in india


FREELANCER & How To Make Money Online In India

Freelancers have great demand in the market but in indian  people are corrupted. so, if you want to work as a freelancer so you will need a best adviser or a supporter. that’s why i will recommend plz search a best company where you can do  trust on that and here is two most famous freelancer company where you can do work and earn minimum 5 dollar wages for 1 work it can data entry, video editing , logo making , web design  , content writing , but i will recommend you have at least one perfect skill because  it will help to get more work and also rating

 What is freelance and How To Make Money Online In India

 Freelance  is a medium which provides labour to clients as a temporary agency . freelance work for minimum . wages, .which can depend on fields or activities . there are many fields where any field of master can earn by by their specialty such as : music,writing,acting,computer programing, web design,translating,film and protection,and other forms of piece work

 Best Freelance Company in market

 By the way there are many company in market but I will recommend you only two most famou

s company.  because, it will provide a good wages or liquidities or you can choose your wage rate by yourself

 Fiver  click here

Upwork  click here


 blogging demand is  increased in last few years and if you have a passion as a writer . so, you can survive in blogging but if you want only money so you will need some time

fastly you a website which can wordpress or blogger because it is free platform and start your journey . after that,  you have need to google adsense account

What is Blogging  and how it work

1by many company in market ( hosting is type of storage server where any viewer can search

you contant and see on its laptop or mobile phone

Best way to start blogging

There are two most famous website.  where individual can start their journey without any investment ( domain + hosting) After growing you can buy domain or hosting with maximum price 2000 to 3000 after 1 year domain or hosting price depend on your website value



 Book Maker/ E book Maker / kindle ebook

Due to  amazon kindle its demand increased . but in online few users  know that write a book or earn money and you have a super opportunity to start your career in this field

how to earn = there you earn royalty because you will make book ownself it can children story book business ideas or tips & tricks then publish on amazon kindle just 5 minutes and it will appear in 24 hour in worldwide such as america , canad, japan ,england ,new zealand, mexico, hole europe, asia ,etc  so you can earn 70% royalty on sale after that when you become a professional writer then you can choose your book price . publishing company always take little bit amount it is depend on your book price

 Affiliate Marketing /Ecommerce Website/ dropshipping

Affiliate marketing is a way where individuals advertise other company products on social media or ow

n website affiliate marketing very easy . you will need join any  affiliate program and you can earn advertise on your social media handle or your website but website is best way because it is like professional way to make money

Secondly make website  ( it is not hard to make website  you can make website without coding ) and install plugins and link to your affiliate program and upload product and publish

E commerce also known as electronic commerce or internet commerce ( digital way)  for buying and selling goods and service by using internet .this network allow people to do buy and sell ( business) without constraint of distance and time

How to start e commerce website

 make money online in india Here is two way to do e commerce business first is join amazon flipkart or ebay site and purchase goods from market and and verify some document like GST  or  PAN CARD  then publish your product on web and sell

 Secondly if you want to start your own website so , you need some skill for advertising your web site which you can learn with youtube or other methods such as advertisement design or photo editing after that you would choose a platform where you will make your store then purchase goods and upload and sell .





 Along with this, dropshing is best way to start here you will need platefore where you will pick product and copy product from that and paste your website

 Best drop shipping website where you will choose product



Private supplier


 How dropshipping works

Dropshipping is very simple . here only make a website by wordpress because it is free .then install plugins and upload products . and, earn commision not full amount . it is not affiliate because here you have authority to choose product price 

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