Lg First Rollable Smartphone Launch 2021

Hello Everyone, this is Sagar Tiwari and welcome to Techno Tiwari G. Today we are going to discuss the World First Lg Rollable Smartphone. But before talking about the Lg Rollable Smartphone. We will talk about What is Rollable Smartphones?

What is Rollable Smartphone?

The Smartphone with a side-rolling display that can be extended to look like a tablet and give a tablet-like experience. So, you can also call Slide-display Smartphone.

Future Of Smartphones Industries

We know that we are leaving in the 21st century and we are always looking to update ourselves. Now a days Smartphone has become a close part of our life. According to it we always try to update our Smartphone as we update ourselves. In the starting or Mobile Device, we started to use Basic Phone then it changes into a Smartphone. As we. Know that in the Market we have lots of choices for Smartphones like Android Phone, iPhone, flip phone, duel screen phone, a recently launched lg wing screen phone and many more. But we still believe in updates and according to that LG is going to Launch its First Rollable Smartphone

LG has Patent of Rollable Smartphone

In Smartphone industries we are looking at lots of updates and recently, we have seen LG Wings Smartphones. Now, according to Leaks LG had patent his First Slide-display Smartphone.

World’s First Rollable Smartphone

As we know that recently Oppo has reached about his first Rollable Smartphone. We are waiting for it right now. But now LG has also Patent his First Rollable Smartphone. So let’s se who’s Smartphone is going to World’s First Rollable Smartphone

When LG will be Launched his First Rollable Smartphone?

As I have informed you that LG has Patent its First Rollable Smartphone. If we talk about when LG will be Launched his First Rollable Smartphone then according to Leaks LG has the Patent to launch its First Rollable Smartphone in June 2021.

Features of LG Rollable Smartphone.

  • Operating System Android 10.0.
  • DISPLAY Size 6.8 inch + 3.9 inch.
  • CPU Snapdragon 765G.
  • RAM: 8 GB.
  • Storage 128/256 GB.
  • Camera Triple Camera:- 64+13+12 MP. For more Specification. Visit on Specs Tech

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